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The appeal mechanism in connection with the works on the route of the second track Divača - Koper

The company 2TDK makes it possible to file a complaint about the works in connection with the construction of the second track Divač – Koper, especially for local communities – locals who live along the route of the second track and who will be most affected by the construction. Various questions, comments, opinions, proposals and initiatives will not be dealt with according to the appeals procedure, but in accordance with good business communication and relevant field legislation.


The appeals mechanism will be in effect throughout construction, and appeals may be lodged at no cost to the appellant.

The appeal process can be initiated in the following ways:

a.) Directly in writing or orally on the record to the company 2TDK

You can submit a complaint using the prepared form published here.

Please provide the appropriate information in the form so that the complaint regarding the second track project can be processed. Send the completed form in writing to: 2TDK, Železna cesta 18, 1000 Ljubljana, or by email to: info@2-tdk.si.

It is also possible to start the appeal procedure orally on the record.

b.) In writing or orally through the local community/mayor’s commission, with the aim of forwarding the complaint to 2TDK

At 2TDK, we deal with complaints from local residents and the local community together with the local community. The planned procedure is for the complaint (via the local community or in person) to be submitted to the Mayor’s Commission of each municipality, which was established precisely for the purpose of monitoring the project and receiving complaints, as well as coordinating the handling of complaints with the company 2TDK. At the moment, only the Mayor’s Commission of the City of Koper operates, with which representatives of 2TDK meet regularly at monthly coordination meetings, where they deal with oral and written requests from local residents and the local community.

c.) 2TDK company open days

During the construction of the Divača – Koper railway line, 2TDK also organizes open days for the general public. The main purpose of the event is to present the project to the public, to the media, to describe the current state of the project and to answer questions related to the project, however, due to the presence of competent employees at such an event, complaint procedures may also be initiated. The open house days are expected to take place in June and December, and the public is informed about the exact date of the event in a timely manner via online networks, through the networks of the municipalities where the event takes place and through other means of public information.

d.) Project council for civil supervision of the implementation of the project for the construction of the second track of the railway line Divača – Koper (PSCN)

The Project Council for civil control over the implementation of the project of the second track of the Divača-Koper railway line (hereafter PSCN) was established by the Slovenian government on 10 May 2018. The project council is appointed until the completion of the construction of the second track and will familiarize itself with the data and documentation relating to the implementation of the second track project. The members of civil society were selected by an interdepartmental expert commission consisting of representatives of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Infrastructure. The appeal process can also be initiated through the PSCN.



The information provided by the complainant in his complaint will be treated exclusively for the purposes of handling the complaint, and personal data will be treated in accordance with the GDPR and local legislation.

The company 2TDK is otherwise not in favor of handling anonymous complaints, as it is impossible to respond to the statements from anonymous complaints because the addressee who would receive the responses to the complaints is not known. However, it is understandable that people do not want to expose themselves for various reasons, so 2TDK will check the statements from anonymous complaints and take action depending on the nature of the complaint.

The company 2TDK handles every complaint that comes to it and makes a decision accordingly. Complaints will be dealt with by the company’s professional employees, who will form a committee of at least two and no more than four employees to deal with the complaint. According to the decision of the board, an external expert can also be included in such a committee. The aforementioned will identify both the specific complaint and all necessary measures related to it. The appeal procedure ends on the day the reply regarding the appeal is sent to the appellant.

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