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Breakthrough of the fourth tunnel on the second track Divača-Koper

The construction contractors have reached a new milestone on the second track route! The Tinjan (T4) tunnel, which is almost two kilometres long, has been excavated and supported. It is the fourth longest tunnel on the second track route.

The Tinjan Tunnel is a single-bore tunnel and, at 1,949 metres long, is one of the medium-length tunnels. It also has two exit tunnels. Work on the tunnel started at the beginning of June 2022, and the tunnel is mostly located in an area with no inhabited buildings in the tunnel construction impact zone.

So far, the Mlinarji (T7), Škofije (T8) and Osp (T3) tunnels have been excavated on the route. After the excavation, the inner lining of the tunnel will be constructed. This has already been completed in the last two tunnels on the route from Divača to Koper.

Like all the tunnels on the second track route, the excavation used a construction method called NATM (New Austrian Method). During the excavation and support of the Tinjan tunnel, work on the secondary lining system started in the tunnel. This work will now continue.

13. 2. 2024

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