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Breakthrough of two more tunnels on the second track soon to be reached

Two more tunnels are about to be excavated on the second track of the railway line between Divača -Koper. The 1949-metre-long Tinjan tunnel (T4) has only 39 metres to go and the Osp tunnel (T5-6) 35 metres. Second track passes through seven tunnels, three of which have already been excavated, so now there will be five. The Osp and Tinjan tunnels are characterised by the fact that they are located in an area with no inhabited buildings in the tunnelling impact zone. However, the conditions for the excavation work were worse than expected, so more support elements were needed and the excavation was slower than anticipated.

Despite the holidays over the past two weeks, the main construction contractors recorded record numbers of tunnel metres excavated at the construction sites. In the last ten days, 518 metres of tunnels have been excavated. Now more than 32 kilometres of tunnels have been excavated.

Concrete works are also underway alongside the excavation works. In two tunnels on the route, the inner lining has already been completed (T7 and T8), in the Škofije tunnel (T8) the main and service pipes were fully concreted at the end of last year.

8. 1. 2024

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