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Concrete plants and sustainable development

Concrete plants are a vital segment of the Second track project, as they provide the foundation material necessary for the construction of the facilities on the route from Divača to Koper.

The total volume of concrete to be provided by the concrete plants on the Second track project is over 2 million cubic metres, which is comparable to the volume of 800 Olympic swimming pools. The concrete to be installed during construction is produced on an ongoing basis by four on-site concrete batching plants and, if necessary, by external batching plants located close to the construction sites.
All concrete plants producing concrete for the construction of the Second track Project have certified production control in accordance with the requirements of SIST EN 206:2013+A2:2021 and SIST 1026:2016.

Concrete produced in concrete batching plants consists essentially of a mixture of cement, water, sand and aggregate, usually in the form of crushed stone or gravel. Depending on the intended use and the technology used to install the concrete, various mineral and chemical admixtures and polypropylene or steel fibres are added to these basic ingredients.

These ingredients are mixed in specific proportions to achieve the desired workability of the fresh concrete and the final strength and toughness of the hardened concrete. In the formulation of concrete, great attention is paid to the optimum composition of the concrete to achieve maximum mechanical properties and to ensure the durability of the constructed objects.
In the context of sustainable development, all concrete plants producing concrete for the construction of the structures on the Second track route from Divača to Koper carefully optimise energy consumption, use low-carbon cements, minimise waste and use recycled aggregate from excavation.

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