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The story of the Second track Divača-Koper railway line began over 20 years ago. It has been heavily advocated for ever since. Planning one of Slovenia’s largest projects is a good practice example. The first version of the track was proposed in 1996. After studying 17 different versions, the current tunnel track was chosen according to the highest criteria regarding the environmental impact, safety, speed, and traffic flow.

Line type: Single-track prepared for upgrading to double tracks
Length: 27,1 km
Estimated value of the entire project of construction: 811 mio €

(current prices, not including VAT and already invested funds)

Funding source: Capital investments from Slovenia and other EU member states, European grants, and loans
Estimated share of EU grants: 25 %
Throughput capacity: 212 trains per day (existing and Second track)
Transport capacity: 36.9 million tons per year (existing and Second track)
Maximum longitudinal gradient: 17 ‰
(existing track 26 ‰)
Number of tunnels: 7
(longest: 6,714 m)
Total length of tunnels, service and exit pipes: 37,4 km
Total length of viaducts: 1,3 km
Total length of access and service roads: 22,8 km

Purpose of the second track of the Divača-Koper railway line

  • provision of a modern and efficient railway connection of the cargo port of Koper to the railway network in Slovenia and, consequently, also to the wider European railway network;
  • final removal of all restrictions on the throughput and transport capacity of the railway line from Koper to the junction in Divača;
  • increasing the operational reliability of the railway line from Koper to Divača;
  • increasing the level of traffic safety;
  • reduction of driving times;
  • reduction of environmental impacts and reduction of environmental risks;
  • additional increase in the share of freight transported by rail;
  • enabling and increasing the use of a more environmentally friendly type of transport.
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