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Display of the route of the route

The line to the Divača station runs first along a slight embankment, then in a trench, and after three kilometers it passes into the first tunnel, which at 6,714 meters is the longest tunnel on the entire route. South of the village of Mihele, in the upper part of the Glinščica valley, the track crosses the surface and bridges the valley with two bridges, between which there is a gallery. After just under ten kilometers, the line passes into the second longest tunnel (6,017.34 m), then along the Gabrovica viaduct (V1), which runs under the Černoká highway viaduct, it bypasses the village of Gabrovica near Črnem Kal in a long arc.

The route continues almost entirely in tunnels T3, T4, T5 and T6 along the southwestern slope of the Osap Valley. In the second-to-last tunnel T7, it heads south, passes through a cut and cut, and then crosses the valley of Vinjansko potok with the Vinjan viaduct (V2) and approaches the national border with the Republic of Italy for the second time. The line then passes into the tunnel for the last time, which runs in a long left arc under Plavje and in the hinterland of Zgornje and Spodnje Škofija. At the end of the tunnel, the line runs under the route of the A1 highway, in the hinterland of Dekanov it passes into an extended overpass and continues along the Rižane valley. Along the embankment, it approaches the existing track and runs along it to the junction of Bivje.

On the last section of the route, it crosses a local road and a cycle path, bridges Rižana and ends at the junction of Bivje.

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