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Flyover of the Second track route in the BIM model

The construction of second track is fully supported by the so-called BIM (Building Information Modelling) approach. This is a digital model of construction objects that allows for comprehensive information management throughout the investment process.

In the video, which can be accessed here, you can see the second track route from a bird’s eye view in the form of a visualisation of the BIM model, with all tunnels and viaducts already virtually built. The entire 27.1 kilometre track of Second track, with seven tunnels and three viaducts, is made up of more than 720 BIM models. The 3D BIM model builders are enriched with additional information (attributes) that serve as the basis for generating visualisations, animations and analyses of all phases of the second track construction.

The overall BIM process for Second track runs from the production of 3D BIM models during the design phase, through the production of 4D and 5D BIM models for the ongoing monitoring of the construction, to the production of a 6D BIM model at the end of the construction, which will be used for the maintenance of second track once the line is operational.


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