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Gabrovica Viaduct to be completed soon

Today at 4 a.m., the concreting of the bottom slab of the last segment of the Gabrovica Viaduct started. It took six hours and 44 of mixers were delivered.

Each segment is concreted in two stages: first the bottom slab is concreted and then the walls of the segment structure are concreted.

The horizontal part of the Gabrovica viaduct consists of 13 segments. The typical length of each segment of the Gabrovica viaduct is 32 metres. The Gabrovica Viaduct construction method is incremental launch. Such technology means pushing pre-stressed reinforced concrete elements, which are manufactured in segments in the workshop. In the workshop, individual segments are produced in monolithic concrete in contact with the preceding element, then a new segment is prestressed and the entire structure, up to that point, is pushed forward.

The walls of the last – thirteenth – segment are to be concreted next week. If all goes according to schedule, the viaduct will be completed in the last days of November.

A video of the concreting is available at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6e7mUGV3kE


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