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Growth of freight traffic on highways

Growth of freight traffic on highways

If Slovenia does not build another track, a maximum of 14 million tons of freight can be transported on the existing track with modernization and additional investment.

The Koper cargo port can increase transshipment up to 35.5 million tons in 2040, but most of the additional cargo will be diverted to the highway. In 2040, there will be almost 3 times more trucks from the Port of Koper on Slovenian highways than today.

With the construction of the second track, the port’s competitiveness increases. Port handling can reach 43.4 million tons, rail can handle most of the new cargo, and rail traffic can reach 24.9 million tons by 2040. Motorway traffic will also grow, but at a lower growth rate. With the second track, we divert cargo from the highway to the railway, which is a key direction of the green European transport strategy.

Projections of transshipment in the port of Koper and traffic on the railway and on the highway in millions of net tons/year

without another track with another track
highway railway together highway railway together
2016 7,7 11,8 19,5
2020 11,5 14,0 25,5 10,5 17,6 28,1
2030 18,0 14,0 32,0 15,0 21,5 36,5
2040 21.5 14,0 35,5 18,5 24,9 43,4
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