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Impacts on development

The construction of the second track represents a great development opportunity for Slovenia. It will enable a faster growth of transshipment in the port of Koper and the expansion of logistics activities throughout Slovenia. With the timely construction of the second track, we will greatly increase the competitive advantage of Luka Koper and take advantage of Slovenia’s geostrategic location. At the same time, we will prevent European logistics flows from bypassing Slovenia through competing corridors. Logistics as an activity with high added value will accelerate development in other branches of the economy.

The key benefits of building a second track are:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Positive influence on the spread of LK
  • Job creation and economic growth (project contribution to the economy)
  • Increased reliability of passenger and cargo transportation
  • Better access to other markets
  • Improved transport links for passengers and better tourism development opportunities for the coastal region.

The second railway track Divača-Koper is in the strategic interest of Slovenia and hinterland countries, as as much as 70% of the goods transhipped in the Port of Koper travel to Central and Eastern Europe. Logistics flows through Slovenia are constantly and steadily increasing. The second railway line Divača-Koper is therefore crucial for Slovenia to maintain the advantages of its geostrategic location. The fact is that the railway capacity on the existing track, which is already a bottleneck on two core EU corridors, has been exceeded. Italy and Austria are rapidly developing the logistics connections of the ports of Trieste and Venice. Any delay in the project of the second railway track Divača-Koper is therefore unacceptable, because otherwise the logistics routes will bypass us.



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