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The inner lining of the Škofije Tunnel (T8) is being completed
On the last tunnel of second track, the Škofije Tunnel (T8), construction contractors are finishing the inner lining of the tunnel. The completed inner lining gives the tunnel a distinctive shape, as it gives the underground space a uniform appearance and a smooth surface. The completion of the inner lining in the main and service tubes of the Škofije Tunnel by the end of the year is one of the conditions for the absorption of the €80 million European grant.

The entire route of the second track of the Divača-Koper railway line includes seven tunnels, which together with the service and exit pipes measure 37.4 kilometres. The T8 tunnel is a single-track railway tunnel 3808 metres long, with a parallel service pipe 10 metres longer. It is the longest tunnel on the lower section of the route and the third longest on the entire route of the new Divača-Koper railway line.

It is the only tunnel on the route of the second track to be built by two construction contractors – Kolektor from Koper and Yapi Merkezi from Divača. It is also the tunnel that runs mostly close to populated areas, partly under low overburden.

Two years to complete the tunnel
In the Škofije Tunnel, excavation works started in September 2021, the tunnel breakthrough took place in March 2023 and the inner lining of the tunnel is being completed at the end of 2023. The inner lining was started before the completion of the excavation. The inner lining system consists of: the floor vault, the foundations of the inner vault, the tunnel waterproofing, the longitudinal lateral drains and the inner vault, which was concreted with mobile tunnel formwork.

The contractor now has to carry out the remaining concrete works (cable duct kinets, the rest of the drainage system, etc.). This is now the second tunnel on the Second track route where the inner lining of the tunnel will be completed – this work has already been fully completed in the Mlinarji Tunnel (T7).

28. 12. 2023

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