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2TDK, Project Development Company, d.o.o.

The company 2TDK, d.o.o., which is 100% owned by the state, is a project company for the development of the second track, based in Ljubljana. The company was established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in March 2016 with the aim of carrying out all the necessary activities both in the preparation and construction phase of the second track and managing it during the duration of the concession contract.

The model of financing an infrastructure project through a project company is a novelty in the practice of implementing investment railway projects in Slovenia, but not abroad. Such a model is the constant practice of large infrastructure projects in the European Union, for example in Austria, Germany, Denmark… The establishment of a project company enables the relief of the state budget, the participation of backward countries and the candidacy for some new European tenders, in which it is possible to obtain funds for the construction of the second track up to 30 percent of European grants. It is a method of financing the project, which means a developmental leap in the financing of public railway infrastructure, similar to the way 20 years ago the establishment of Dars meant a major developmental leap in the construction of the Slovenian highway system. With the enactment of the law on the second track, the conditions have been created to make up for the development lag in the modernization of the railway network in Slovenia.

With the enactment of the law, the company 2TDK became an investor in the Second Track project, it carries out preparatory work, financial engineering and all necessary construction, and after the completion of construction, it will manage the infrastructure during the concession period. After 45 years, when the concession contract expires, the Republic of Slovenia will own all the public railway infrastructure, which consists of the second track, together with all the equipment and devices necessary for its smooth operation.


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