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Official opening of the information point of the second track in Divaca

Today, a ceremony was held in Divača at the water tower, which is a technical monument of local importance, to officially open the information point of the second track in Divača. With the Divača Information Point, where the second track project is presented in the form of an outdoor exhibition, the water tower is being given a new image and value.

Mayor Alenka Štrucl Dovgan spoke about what this acquisition means for the local municipality. In her speech, she stressed not only the importance and history of the water tower, but also the importance of the necessary cooperation between the local community and 2TDK, and the fact that the town of Divača was founded and developed together with the railway.

Matej Oset, Director General of 2TDK, pointed out that the information point in Divača is the second of three that will serve as information centres in the municipalities along the route of the second track. He added that the Divača-Koper second track is not just a railway project, but an investment in the development of the region, sustainable mobility and economic progress. “This project will significantly increase the capacity and efficiency of the rail link between the port of Koper and the hinterland, thus strengthening Slovenia’s logistics axis. The second track will bring new opportunities for development and will also strengthen the economy of Divača. I believe that both the construction and the maintenance of the railway infrastructure will also create new jobs in the region and that, as in the past when people moved to Divača because of the development of the railway, the second railway line will also contribute to the population growth in the future,” said the Director General in his address. He also said that cooperation with local communities was of paramount importance for 2TDK and that the information point in Divača was also the result of such cooperation. At the end of his speech, he thanked all those who had contributed to the preparation of the exhibition and the organisation of today’s event.

The information point in Divača is freely accessible and you can find out more about the exhibition at: https://drugitir.si/informacijska-tocka-divaca/

19. 2. 2024

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