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Contract for Lot 3 signed

The last major contract has been signed on the Second Track project – the contract for the execution of the works “Railway and tunnel systems on the Divača – Koper Second Track”. The contract, worth EUR 203,800,754.29 excluding VAT, was signed with 2TDK by a consortium of SŽ-Železniško gradbeno podjetje d.d., Kolektor IGIN d.o.o., GH Holding d.o.o. and YM Construction d.o.o.

Lot 3 covers the construction of tracks and track installations, overhead contact line, telecommunication installations, video and security system, installation of hardware and electrical equipment, power supply, etc. The contractor of Lot 3 will carry out certain works simultaneously with the main construction works, and the contractors are required to submit a detailed schedule of execution 28 days after the signing of the contract. The contractor has committed to complete all works on the Second Track by 31.12.2025.

The works on the Second Track are divided into three major Lots: Lot 1 covers the main construction works on the Divača – Črni Kal section (T1 and T2 tunnels), Lot 2 covers the construction of the Črni Kal – Koper tunnels (T3-T8) and the Gabrovica and Vinjan viaducts, and Lot 3 covers the final works, without which the line cannot be operated, as they ensure the maintenance of the railway line and the installations, the safe operation of the line, and the conditions for rescuing the passengers from the tunnels in the event of an accident, including supervision of the operation of the installed systems. In the tunnels and viaducts, the track will be on rigid base, while in the open part of the route, conventional beam track will be installed. All work will be completed by the end of 2025, with debugging and trial operation taking place on the Second Track in 2026.

4. 9. 2023

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