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Progress of Gabrovica Viaduct  

A glance out of the window as we drive along the Primorska highway reveals that the construction of the Gabrovica Viaduct, which runs underneath it, is progressing well. Today, the bottom slab of the tenth segment of the viaduct is being concreted and the reinforcement of the bottom of the eleventh segment is being tied in. The horizontal part of the viaduct consists of thirteen segments, which form the carriageway structure of the Gabrovica viaduct. The typical length of each segment of the Gabrovica Viaduct is 32 metres long..

The railway viaduct is approximately half the height of the columns of the Črnokalski viaduct, with a difference in height of 30 metres between the viaducts at the crossing point. The Gabrovica viaduct columns follow the style of the Črni Kal viaduct columns, ranging from 13 to 64 metres in height. The rhythm of the columns and the span lengths have been chosen so that the columns are horizontally aligned in pairs at ground level, so that the viaduct is balanced.

The Gabrovica viaduct is being constructed using the progressive narive technology. Progressive narive construction means pushing pre-stressed reinforced concrete elements, which are manufactured in segments in the workshop. In the workshop, individual segments are produced in monolithic concrete in contact with the preceding element, then a new segment is prestressed and the entire structure, up to that point, is pushed forward. This process is then repeated for each typical segment. The concreting of each segment is carried out in two stages: first the bottom slab and the reinforcing ribs of the structure are concreted, then the upstand of the structure is concreted.

The Gabrovica Viaduct has a radius of 1500 m and a longitudinal slope of 1.7%.


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