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Required standards of European transport networks

The section of the Divača-Koper line is an integral part of the pan-European transport network (TEN-T network). Through the territory of Slovenia, in accordance with EU Regulation no.. 1316/2013, there are two corridors of the core network, of which the Divača-Koper line is also an integral part, namely:

  • The Baltic-Adriatic corridor in the direction (Gradec)–Šentilj–Maribor–Ljubljana–Koper/Trieste and
  • The Mediterranean corridor in the direction (Venice)–Trieste/Koper–Ljubljana–Pragersko–Hodoš–(Budapest).

The importance of the Divača-Koper line is most evident in international rail freight transport, due to the role of the cargo port of Koper in connecting the hinterland of Slovenia and the European economy with overseas countries.

The existing Divača-Koper line does not meet the standards for the core network, which were adopted by the EU Council in 2012 and are expected to be implemented by 2030. The standards are not met with the guaranteed speed and length of train compositions.


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