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Sources of funding

In addition to the initial investment costs of EUR 1,109 million in current prices, 2TDK will have to provide financing for other costs that will arise during the construction period. These consist of EUR 30 million in operating costs of 2TDK and EUR 33 million in interest costs, compensation and other needs. The total amount of financing in current prices without VAT thus amounts to EUR 1,172 million.

The investment will be financed by various sources. Slovenia’s capital contribution is said to represent the largest part. The total amount of capital is estimated at EUR 503 million, of which EUR 103 million will be invested by Slovenia from the collected toll surcharge for trucks (a dedicated surcharge for vehicles weighing more than 3,500 kg on a certain highway corridor) (“Toll Surcharge”) and 400 million EUR from the state budget.

Additional funds are expected in the form of EU grants (EUR 289 million), loans from international financial institutions (MFIs, EIB), a total of EUR 250 million, and loans from commercial banks (EUR 113 million). In addition, EUR 4 million will be obtained through an increased user fee for users of railway lines in the Slovenian core network (“Increased user fee”) during the construction period. In addition, another EUR 14 million will be obtained from the state budget from Slovenia’s participation in the cohesion fund.


Sources of financing in current prices (in millions of EUR):

Source: Eplan d.o.o.

During the period of operation, 2TDK will cover its activities with the user fee of the second track, the increased user fee and the accessibility fee. The latter represents the payment of the Republic of Slovenia to the company 2TDK during the entire operational phase for the service of ensuring the accessibility of the second track for the smooth operation of railway transport, in accordance with the principle of “no service, no payment” and in accordance with the concession contract. This payment is expected to amount to between EUR 31 and 41 million per year and will be financed from the transshipment tax in the Koper cargo port (“Transshipment tax”) and a surcharge to the toll for heavy goods vehicles on certain parts of the Slovenian highway network (“Toll surcharge “). The project will thus be fully financed by the users of the infrastructure, i.e. freight carriers by road, rail and through the Port of Koper. The project is also eligible for EU support, and at the same time it is financially sustainable.

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