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Successful breakthrough of the second longest tunnel on the route

Workers of Yapi Merkezi, contractors for the main construction works, have broken through the 6,017-metre main tube of the Beka Tunnel (T2). The entire second track route passes through seven tunnels, but as service pipes are being dug alongside the three longest tunnels on the route, excavation work is taking place in ten tunnel pipes. Today therefore marks the breakthrough of the eighth of the ten tunnel tubes. Excavation work started in May 2022 from the Koper side and in October of the same year from the Divaca side. Now, only 103 metres of service pipes remain to be excavated on the route of the second track of the Divača-Koper railway line.

Second track is a tunnel route, with 75% of the line running underground. As service and exit pipes are being dug alongside the main pipes, 37.4 kilometres of tunnels have to be dug by the main construction contractors. The service pipes are of the same profile as the main pipes and will later be used for the parallel line. So the entire route of the second track will soon be excavated – the service pipe of the Lokev tunnel (T1) is 85 metres short of the breakthrough, and the service pipe of the Beka tunnel (T2) is 18 metres short of the breakthrough. All the remaining tunnels on the Track 2 route have already been excavated.

The excavation of the Beka tunnel was challenged by karst phenomena, which is why work has been slower, especially in recent months. Some of the karst features encountered were small and easy to bridge, others were larger and therefore more difficult, but the contractors were up to the task.

Minister for Infrastructure, mag. Alenka Bratušek emphasised: “Once again, we have reached an important milestone in the construction of the second track, this time the breakthrough of the second longest pipe on the route. As I have already underlined with the breakthrough of the Lokev tunnel, this clearly shows that the project is progressing well and in an exemplary manner. We are proving that even the most challenging projects in Slovenia can be delivered on time and within budget. And this is also further proof that the decision to build the second track, in the way it is being carried out, and which has also been endorsed by the electorate, was the right decision. 2TDK’s experience should certainly be applied to other projects.”

Commenting on this milestone, Matej Oset, Managing Director of 2TDK, said, “Without the dedication of everyone on our country’s largest infrastructure project, we would not have been able to progress as efficiently as we have on the tunnel we broke through today. The situation has not always been optimal, but we are optimistic that the project will go ahead, because the Divača-Koper second railway line is the best proof that we can achieve great things by working together.”

Marko Brezigar, Director of 2TDK, pointed out, “With so many tunnels being built at the same time, it is easy to forget what a great achievement it is to dig a tunnel of this length. This is the second longest tunnel on the second track route and currently the third longest tunnel in Slovenia. We can truly say that the construction contractors have done a remarkable job. Of course, we must not forget all others involved in the project who have also made it possible for the work to progress so steadily. Today we are not only celebrating an engineering success, but today’s event is the result of unwavering dedication, hard work and cooperation.”

Bahadır Oral, Project Director of Yapı Merkezi, stated that: “We are delighted to achieve T2 Main Tunnel Breakthrough for this prestigious and biggest project of Republic of Slovenia. After nearly two years of dedicated work, we are proud for having completed one of the most significant and challenging tunnel excavations in Slovenia, the T2 Main Tunnel of 6 km length. Despite the challenges we encountered during the excavation, including overcoming complex karstic features, our team’s determination and expertise have led us to this momentous occasion. We are honored to celebrate this achievement. The support and the good coordination have been appreciated throughout this journey, and we are grateful for the contributions from all parties involved in the project, and hereby we would like to convey our thanks to the staff, the engineers, the partners and the investor. We are marking this milestone and sharing the success of our collective efforts.”

The Beka Tunnel (T2) is the third longest tunnel in Slovenia. The Lokev tunnel on the route of the second track, which was excavated ten days ago, is the longest at 6,714 metres, while the Bohinj tunnel is the second longest in the country.

7. 6. 2024

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