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The construction of the 5.4 km open track of the second railway line presents a unique engineering challenge

With 75% of the Second track line running through seven tunnels, only a small part of the line is visible on the surface, namely in the areas where the three major valleys are crossed – the viaducts and the open track. There are only 5.4 kilometres of open-gauge railway connection on the entire line. Although there are no grandiose structures such as tunnels or viaducts on the open line, the construction of the open line from Divača to Koper is also a major challenge, as many support structures, embankments, ditches and culverts have to be built. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the embankments and foundations, as the track on a rigid base, which will be laid on an open route, will not allow them to settle.

The open route starts just after Divača railway station and initially runs in the embankment, then descends into the trench to the northern portal of the first Lokev tunnel (T1). After 2 km on the open route, the second track continues its route through the first Lokev tunnel (T1) to the closed Glinščica viaduct and then to the second Beka tunnel (T2), connected into a single structure of almost 13 km in length.

After exiting the Beka tunnel near the village of Črni Kal, it immediately transits to the Gabrovica viaduct. In this area, a series of short open sections of the line alternate with the Vinjan viaduct and five tunnels (T3-T8). After exiting the Škofije tunnel (T8), the second track runs on the surface, where it joins the already built extraction track up to the Koper freight station.

The construction of the slightly more than 5 km of open track of the second track also presents a unique engineering challenge, as a number of new structures are being built to overcome the geological and relief features, which, together with viaducts, will connect the tunnels to the new railway line.

27. 6. 2024

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