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The superstructure of the Vinjan Viaduct is completed

The last link segment of the Vinjan viaduct has been concreted, completing the superstructure of the third viaduct on the route of the second track! At 620 metres, the Vinjan Viaduct is the longest on the route.

In the photos, you can still see the formwork between the piers of the tie segments, which will now be moved towards the piers and removed. The viaduct also needs to be fitted with edge wreaths, wind protection and noise protection fencing. The completion of the superstructure by the end of 2023 was necessary in order to benefit from European grants.

Viaduct features
The Vinjan Viaduct is the first railway viaduct in Slovenia to be constructed using free-span construction technology. Construction of the viaduct started with the excavation of wells in spring 2022, the wells are 10 metres in diameter, the deepest one had to be dug almost 40 metres into the ground to reach the bearing hills.

The pillars measure up to 55 metres in height and were made using climbing formwork because of their great height. A variable formwork system was used to accommodate the varying cross-section of the column.

Free-span construction requires working at high heights, and the work is largely dependent on weather conditions. The segments were manufactured symmetrically on both sides of the column until the lintels of the adjacent columns were joined together. In the case of the Vinjan viaduct, the ratio of spans to column heights is close to that of a golden section, so that the viaduct appears calm and harmonious in space.


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