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The Vinjan Viaduct takes a distinctive shape

The joining of the lintel segments of the Vinjan Viaduct has started. The free cantilever method means that the structure grows to the left and right of the viaduct column, in principle almost symmetrically on both sides. In the case of the Vinjan viaduct, a base segment of 7.5 metres is built first, followed by 9 segments of 5 metres each on both sides. It can be seen from the photographs that the lintels of the adjacent columns will soon be joined.

This method of construction is mainly used for high bridges with longer spans. In the case of the Vinjan viaduct, the spans between the piers are between 60 and 100 metres, and the piers are up to 55 metres high. The ratio of spans to column heights is close to the golden ratio, so that the viaduct will function in a very calm and harmonious way in space.

Construction of the viaduct started in March 2022 and the superstructure will be completed by the end of the year.


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