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A new information point for the Second Track project is being set up in Divača

The company 2TDK is setting up a new information point of the Second Track project in the municipality of Divača, which will be prepared as an outdoor exhibition in the area next to the Divača water tower, a local monument of technical importance.

The location of the information point in front of the water tower was strategically chosen for the exhibition of what is currently the largest infrastructure project in the country. The water tower was built at the beginning of the 20th century and its main function was to collect and store water and to provide water for the steam locomotives that travelled on Slovenian soil from the first train in 1846 to the last steam locomotive on Slovenian soil in 1978.

The exhibition highlights, among other things, the importance of the construction of the Southern Railway, which is also inextricably linked to the development of Divača. Other highlights are related to the Second Track construction project, including the deviation of the line in Divača, substations, geophysical measurements and tunnelling in the karst world.

The layout of the exhibition is designed in such a way that the building opens the view from the national road at the entrance to Divača towards the waterworks, preserves the view of the waterworks, and does not interfere structurally with the wall between the plateau and the railway line.

The construction and craft work on the information point in Divača has already been completed (corten elements), followed by the external landscaping (planting of flowers and shrubs).

Once the information point has been officially handed over, it will be freely accessible to groups and/or individuals.

You can also find out more about the new information point at the following link: https://drugitir.si/informacijska-tocka-divaca/?lang=en



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