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Ventilation station on second track

Tunnel excavation works are nearing completion, the viaducts have been built, but for the operation of the Divača-Koper line, certain facilities still need to be built, which will also be important for the operation of the railway line itself.

Due to the length of the first two tunnels – both more than six kilometres long – a ventilator station will be built on the second track from Divača to Koper, which will be crucial for the safe and efficient operation of the tunnels on the new line. The northern portal of the Beka tunnel (T2) is located on the left bank of the Glinščica valley. The Lokev (T1) and Beka (T2) tunnels will be located adjacent to the tunnel portal and, together with the facilities in the area of the Glinščice valley crossing, will be connected to form a single 13-kilometre-long tunnel tube. A ventilation station (building) will be located immediately adjacent to the northern portal and partially under the plateau adjacent to the portal of the T2 main pipe, which will be used to extract smoke from the tunnel pipe.

Ventilation stations ensure ventilation and safety of the tunnels in case of emergencies. They ensure adequate ventilation and smoke removal in the event of a fire. The seconf track ventilation station will be equipped with powerful fans, sensors to monitor air temperature and velocity, and advanced control systems to automatically manage ventilation according to the current conditions in the tunnels.

The location of the ventilation station is chosen according to the length and geological characteristics of the tunnels and in order to ensure optimum ventilation and safety. In addition to providing ventilation, the station will play a key role in evacuation in the event of accidents. The system will allow the rapid removal of smoke and other hazardous gases and provide safe conditions for the evacuation of passengers and staff. The ventilator station will improve the safety and reliability of traffic on the line from Divača to Koper.

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