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Last day of rail closure
Work on the Divača deviation is in its final stages, so the relocation of the railway line at Divača is almost complete. The line has been closed since Saturday due to the diversion of traffic from the current railway line to a new 900 m long track. In the photos you can see that the rails and sleepers on the old line have been removed, and the gravel will be removed next. Part of the old line has already been removed, and a switch will be installed here to allow trains to run towards Rodik and later on the new second track.
The deviated track is in place, i.e. the rails with sleepers are in place, the posts for the overhead net are in place, and the special carriage for the introduction of percussion into the line can be seen on the new track.
A pedestrian and cycle underpass has also been created under the line, leading to the Divaška Cave via the Karst Natural History Educational Trail.
The photos also show the substation in Divača, as the supply line for the future new line (tSecond Track) needs to be reinforced.
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